PID Healthbars 2

What are PID Healthbars?

The PID (Player ID) is the graphic that floats above friendly players on the XMP HUD and displays information like their name, class, and whether they need health, ammo or shield.

PIDHealthbars are a feature that was included with the release version of XMP but not enabled by default. Enabling them involved un-commenting the component line in the PID.ui file. PIDHealthbars Mk2 allows the health bars to be enabled and disabled via the HUD, adds configuration options to alter the width and transparency of the health bars, and also adds an entirely new type of health bar, "enhanced", which displays the health value numerically as well as graphically.

In keeping with the original game, health bars are still disabled by default. However, they can now be more easily configured by simply clicking "Options", then "HUD". Select either "Standard" for the old-skool PIDHealthbars, or choose "Enhanced" to see the new-style health bars in all their glory.

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