BSE MapVote 0.6.6

About MapVote for XMP

MapVote is a mutator which adds map voting functionality to XMP and gives players a degree of control over which maps are played. As well as being able to vote for any of the maps in the server rotation, players can also vote for up to 10 admin-defined maps, giving admins the ability to make maps accessible without having them in rotation, for example maps like TrainingDay.

When combined with the XMPSummoner mutator (or other mutator that supports the adminlogin function), MapVote gives server admins the ability to over-ride votes with their own selection, switch to a map immediately, and see every map on the server, not just those in rotation.

Players vote using a custom user-interface which presents all available choices as a scrollable menu. A player can vote for a map by simply clicking on it, or can vote for it to be enqueued as the next map by right-clicking (alt-fire). When a game ends, the enqueued/next in rotation map is displayed below the scoreboard, and players are encouraged to vote for the map they'd like to play next.

To help users get the most out of MapVote, a client configuration menu is included which allows each player to customise the MapVote behaviour for themselves. They can configure the MapVote display style and menu size, as well as disabling the Message Of The Day (MOTD) and optionally disable the GUI entirely and use the old console-based MapVote interface.

To make configuring the MapVote mutator easier for server admins, a WebAdmin module is also included which allows server admins to easily configure the pre-defined maps, MOTD and voting limitations (such as max votes per player per map) without having to manually edit the server ini file or restart the server.

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