Community Edition Installer

About the Unreal 2 Expanded Multiplayer Community Edition Installer

The aim behind the creation of the new installer is to make it easier to install Unreal 2 XMP. The reasons for this are basically to make it easier for existing members of the community to reinstall a copy of the game without having to face the tedious process of patching, installing the new master server support, webupdate and installing several huge add-on packs just to get the 1 or 2 odd maps that are actually played. The second reason is to encourage new players who may have played Unreal 2 and want to try out XMP by making it easy for them to get up and running.

Making a new installer also allows the new master servers to be preconfigured. This is necessary since the Atari servers became less and less reliable and then one day failed to come back at all. Thankfully, one member of the community, namely ]HoC[Omen, leapt into the breach and created a new master server to keep the game, and its waning community, alive. However, configuring support for the new master server was yet another obstacle to making XMP work out-of-the-box.

Also included, as bonus features, are EQ²'s new PID Health Bars and BSE MapVote 0.6.6. Some of the more common custom maps are also included and can be installed as a selectable option.

I'm sold! Where do I get it?

Visit the download page for available mirrors.

What's included in the installer?

In addition to the base XMP installation, the following packages are included:

Included Maps

  • XMP-DuellingMapBeta3
  • XMP-AMP-TrainingDay-Beta6
  • XMP-CBP-Asunder
  • XMP-CBP-Kaminari
  • XMP-CBP-Naularn
  • XMP-CBP-Wonderwoods
  • XMP-CBP-Xaemia
  • XMP-GFP-Pool
  • XMP-APv2-Miasma-FMI
  • XMP-APv2-RGB
  • XMP-Castle-RGB

Included Mutators

New features

  • EQ's PID Healthbars MK2
  • Master Server WebUpdate and config screen
  • Decompress UZ2 files by right-clicking them


  • Cache Converter Application - converts downloaded files to real packages